Standard vs. Platinum accounts

Standard account

Platinum account

You pay in advance the price (about 20$) for the entire year.

You pay 10% of the profit at year end. If there's no profit, you don't pay.

The simplest (and most important) investment goals is to maintain the same lifestyle after retirement.

For this type of account, you can not chose other goals.

For this account, you can chose as many goals as you want: purchase some assets years from now, or cover some expense from now into the foreseeble future or only for a period.

Setting up a goal is very flexible and can reflect the majority of human desires translated into quantifiable results.

This account does not offer the possibility of using investment rules.

Investment rules are time-tested buy or sell actions triggered by an external event, such as interest rate increase or the the precipitous decrease of some equity index.

This account offers the posibility of using investment rules.

Not only that, but we also compute the optimum amount of exposure to any of these rules so that your probability to reach you objectives is maximized.

No matter what type of account you chose, you have 2 requests for advice per year. This is your opportunity to update your profile and receive an investment allocation optimized for your objectives.

You will have to pay similarly for every additional request for advice (beyond the two included, which we consider enough for most cases).

Some individuals might qualify for a free account. We will decide on this at year's end and make appropriate refunds when applicable. If this is important to know before oppening the account, please contact us for details.