"How can I improve the probability?"

Published on July 19, 2023, 12:09 p.m.

Spend less. Invest more. Get comfortable with taking more risks. Eliminate objectives that are not important.

We all want to achieve whatever we desire and risk nothing in return. But that is not possible. If it were, you wouldn't be reading this investment advice. You should be able to simplify, eliminate some goals in order to gain whatever is the most important to you. This is not just good investment strategy, it is overall good life advice: be ready to forego some imediat pleasures for long-term, sustainable happiness. That might imply spending less, and saving and investing more. That could also mean that you should accept less comfortbale investments, maybe more risk. Yes, we do give you the posibility to decrease the overall risk level to a comfortable level, but have no illusion: by decreasing the risk that you accept, you are also decreasing your chances of succes. Here's why: When we give you an advice, we ALREADY compute the strategy that maximizes your chances of success. We chose the strategy with the least amount of risk that delivers the highest probabiity of success. However, if you want even less risk than that, it is impossible to deliver the same probability of succes. It's like going from city A to city B for a concert: we might tell you that taking a buss would be the best alternative to get to city B and your concert just in time. But if you insist to take the only available train because the train is more comfortable to you, that particular train might not get to city B in time. Unless the concert is somehow delayed for an hour, you would miss the concert. Which is more important to you, to get to the concert in time or to have a comfortable ride there? Think about that when you chose a lower risk level for your investments.