What finpathic does

Published on July 6, 2023, 11:30 a.m.

finpathic tells you what to buy and sell, and when to do that: that is the most important thing in investments.

However, that is not the most important thing that finpathic can do for you.

Using our app you get to know THE PROBABILITY - your chances to reach your goals, whatever you consider them to be. Then more often than not you'll have to face the fact: you either have no chances to reach those goals with your current lifestyle. Or you are basically already there, and more effort would be pointless: there's no need to spend your time the way you did before.

Thus knowing how not to waste your time is more important than knowing what to buy and sell. 

But even that is not the most important thing that finpathic does.


Once you get to know the app, you will make slight changes to your profile. Maybe to your goals. You will get to understand the impact of your desires. You will see that what you pay for "things" is not money, but time. Your time, your life. That might sober you up, if you're not already so.

Finally, what finpathic also does for you is offering some peace of mind. That whatever how and where your life goes, the advice you get for your investments is the best, or one of the best outhere. These are important things finpathic does for you.


finpathic in a nutshell:  we cover a sufficiently large number of instruments - most of them investment funds and ETFs - that should provide enough diversification. You make an initial selection of this instruments - 7 at this moment. We apply our well-tested algorithm to tell you how much (if any) you should invest in each of them. When your investment profile, wealth and future plans change,  you can request a strategy update. Each week or whenever you want, we send you buy and sell order recommandation that should put your investments right back on target. If you accept those recomandations, we send the orders directly to your broker (IF you AND the broker have agreed this with us). Or you could send those orders to your broker or implement them by yourself.